Arbitration System

In the MegaWorld system, characters are based on 5 Primary Attributes and up to 40 Skills which may or may not include several Specializations. All rolls in this system use standard 6 sided dice (D6). The Primary Attribute is used to determines how many D6 are used in a given roll. For each die six (D6) rolled that scores greater than the TN (Task Number) minus your skill modifier you get 1 Success. Each D6 that rolls a 6 is counted as a Success and is also Rerolled (to try for more Successes and Rerolls). A 0 total is considered a failure and GOD (the Game Operations Director) should use his/her imagination when this happens. :)

System Summary

  1. Roll – Roll a number of dice equal to the Primary Attribute being used.
    1. Count each die that rolls greater than the TN minus your skill as a Success.
  2. Reroll – Reroll all die that equal 6.
    1. Go back to 1a.
  3. Total – Subtract total number of Failures from the total number of Successes.
    1. If the Total is 3 or more you critically succeed.
    2. If the Total is 2 you succeed completely.
    3. If the Total is 1 then you partially succeed, if that is possible.
    4. If the Total is 0 then you failed your task.


Character: SnowLock

Build: 3
Reflexes: 6
Reason: 4
Power: 5
Ego: 2
Strength: 3
Speed: 6
Alertness: 5
Luck: 5
Appearance: 2
Hit Points: 15
Defense: 6
Armor Class: 2
Fatigue: 20
Wit: 2
Skill Groups: Skills & Specializations Level:
Athletic Skills [*]: Fortitude, Gymnastics 1:2
Combat Skills [*]: Combat, Small Arms* 1:2,3
Logic Skills [*]: Computers*, Enigmas 1:3,2
Intra-Personal [*]: Will Power 1:2
Knowledge Skills [*]: 1:1
Language Skills [ ]: Communications, Sign Language 0:1,1
Magic Skills [ ]: Mind 0:1
Music Skills [ ]: 0:0
Naturalist Skills [ ]: Survival 0:1
Science Skills [ ]: 0:0
Social Skills [ ]: Interrogation, Streetwise 0:1,1
Spatial Skills [*]: Awareness, Legerdemain, Stealth 1:2,2,2


SnowLock is a Half-Elf. I have listed his skills for example.
Primary Attributes and Skill Groups are in bold. Skills with expertise are denoted with an asterisk.

Mark wishes his character SnowLock to sneak into a warehouse and get some info from the computer inside and maybe pick up some other items along the way. Mark wishes for his character to find a possible opening in the warehouse so he makes a “Search” roll. SnowLock’s Reason is 4 so that is the amount of dice Mark will roll. SnowLock also has the Awareness skill as well as the Spatial Skill group. Thus all D6 that roll a 2 or less will be counted as "Successes".

GOD decides that to see the slightly open window is TN4 (Task Number: 4) and to notice the HellHound * in the room is TN:5. But just tells Mark to Roll and see what he gets.

Mark rolls 4D6 (4 dice, six sided) and gets a 6, a 3, a 2 and a 1. The 2 and 1 are useless since SnowLock’s Adjusted TN is a 2 to see the window and a 3 to see the HellHound. But the 6 and 3 both count as Successes though the 3 only counts as a success to see the window. That’s 2 success so far and 1 Reroll (the 6). Mark rolls the 6 again and gets a 5. This counts as another Success. 3 total for a critical success to notice the window. Had he rolled another 6 he could have gotten to Reroll it again! GOD says that SnowLock spots an open windows but there is something moving around in that room but he can’t tell what it is.

SnowLock decides he’s gonna try and take out this sentry w/his handgun. So he pulls out his Enigma ** and shoots. GOD looks at the Combat Chart and figures out the TN is 4.
Distance – 20 meters (66 feet or so): +4
Targets Size – about a meter: +1
Conditions – pretty much the same elevation and no heavy weather: 0
Miscellaneous – Neither the target or the shooter are moving much: 0
Total = 5
SnowLock has Reflexes 6, the Combat Skill group and Small Arms Expertise so his adjusted TN is a 2. Therefore Mark will be rolling 6D6 trying to get 3s or higher and will Reroll 6s!
Mark rolls and gets a 5, three 2s and two 1s. That is 1 Success (a partial success) and no rerolls.
Wow, that SUCKS! SnowLock is usually a good shot but just manages to kill the window that he was gonna enter the building through. As you can see there is allot of potential in his ability since he has such a high skill modifier and lots of dice to roll. But Fate just wasn’t on his side that time.

Well, the Enigma is a plasma gun and doesn’t make much noise, the window and floor panel got slagged but no major explosions. So SnowLock decides he’s gonna try again but will take aim this time gaining an extra D6.

… to be continued.

* HellHound is a Trade Mark of Samurai Security Automation Ltd. :)