Character Creation

In the MegaWorld system, characters are based on 5 Primary Attributes. Primary Attributes determine the number of dice you will roll with a given Skill. Primary Attributes may be from 1 to 5 for “normal” humans (though I suspect there won’t be many of those floating around) or as high as 8 for an effective topper for unaltered (but extremely rare) humans. Attributes cost 10 for 1 CP. You distribute your AP among your attributes during character creation. But your character will start out with a set number of AP depending on the type of campaign the GOD is running. Secondary Attributes do not effect any Skills but instead effect specific actions or situations. Here is a list of the Primary Attributes and Secondary Attributes.

Game Type Character Type Attribute Points
Every Day Joe’s normal human 15
Soldiers of Fortune hero 20
Supers Limited, Inc. superhero 25
Hurcules & Friends demi-god 30
Gods Among Us god 40