Character Races

Alian Races

The Feral Roin [Rowen]
An animalistic race of aliens. They were once part of the race of shape shifters known as the Rowen that escaped from the slavery imposed by the Slahdoon. The original group that escaped by ship had bean separated. The children landed on a planet inhabited only by feral animals. And learned there laws and codes from them. They are a passionate race and often considered brutal by the standard of other races. Thus they are called the Feral Roin.

The Gohin [Rowen]
The adults of the group landed on a nearby planet that was barely inhabitable. Many of them died during the crash landing. The survivors did something never before tried by there race. They melded together. Forming a large orb. Then they did something else never done before. They assimilated the dead into there own mass and worked there dead bodies into a shell encasing the orb. Protecting those within. This orb is now considered a shrine & very few people other than the Gohin know where it came from. The shrine is called “Blekthdaun” or The Sacred Orb of Life. No member of any other race, not even one of the Feral Roin have been allowed inside Blekthdaun.

The Gohin are a peaceful race except in these matters. Slandering Blekthdaun in any way is punishable by death. Using this as an excuse falsely is punishable by torture until dead. Attacking Blekthdaun is an act of war against the Gohin.

One of the “Eternals” used the excuse that a Gohin had spit on Blekthdaun as a reason to kill her. When an investigation showed that the Gohin had simply owed the Eternal money, he was strapped down in a city of punishment (Prison) to be done with as the inhabitants saw fit. Many races used to speculate if it was possible to kill an “Eternal”. He lasted 3 days.

The Slahdoon/Eternals
A race that took many other races as slaves to do work for them, entertain them & sacrifice themselves for them. The Slahdoon were a technically advanced race in there part of the galaxy. Though they have had roughly the same tech level for the past 1.2 million years. They used there technical superiority to dominate other races through threat of destruction or creative torture. The later being the preferred method. They used to have a show of torture and people could write in there own creative ways of torturing someone. Those who’s methods where selected for use where given a free slave of there choosing. At one point many of the neighboring planets started to develop in technology similar to there own. So the Slahdoon faked a hostile takeover of there own planet by the “Eternals”. And “released all the surviving slaves”, 728,000,000 of the original 12 billion slaves. The Slahdoon used genetic technology to imbue there race of Eternals with a limited shape shifting ability and a regenerative factor that would “Keep them alive forever”. Many of the Slahdoon didn’t know of the ploy and “escaped”. Thus you may occasionally run into some “Real Slahdoon”. The Real Slahdoon do not have any special powers other than an unnatural ability to torture other races.