Character Traits

Traits help define your character by illustrating certain quantities or giving them unique abilities. Depending on what your GOD allows you should only choose a handful of traits to fill out your character’s profile. Some gifts and a one or two limitations. More of both may be apprioriate for the intended campaign. Just make sure your GOD approves of your intended alotment of traits.

In general Gifts cost CP and Limitations give CP (negative cost).

Gifts & Limitations
Trait Cost Description
Affinity -3 Choosing something that has several variants of which you will likely encounter such as a type of land (desert or mountains, etc.) and the Skill Group it will affect. That is your Affinity. You have a +1 to your chosen Skill Group while in the environment your Affinity is for. You have a -1 in all other environments except distinct transitional environments.

Example 1: Affinity: open desert. Skill Group: Magick. Your character gets a +1 to Magick rolls while in the desert. A -1 in all other environment types. While in a city with much cement, etc. that is within a desert your character has a 0 modifier.

Example 2: Affinity: night. Skill Group: Combat. Your character gets a +1 to all Combat rolls at night. A -1 during the day. And there is no modifier at dusk or dawn.
Allies 1 1 AP per person or thing (alien, familiar, ghost, pet, etc.) who will do things for you. Allies get 8 AP and 30 CP each.
Alter Ego 1 1 AP per each alternate “mostly legal” identity.
Ambidextrous 3 Ability to use both hands at once. +2 on your Attach, Defense or +1 each.
Berserker -2 Character is immune to “stun” while berserk but is at Intellect: 1 also. Must choose something that triggers the rage.
Comeliness 1 – 5 Greater than average attractiveness. +1 (per AP spent) when dealing with the those attracted to your character’s gender.
Contacts 1 1 AP per rank in the range: 1 — 5. Major Contact (people who have some resource you can use, i.e. credits, info, supplies, etc. Used as a skill when attempting to get something from your contact.
Credit Rating 1 Effects the amount of Credit on your ID Card and your probability of getting loans & such. Limit on ID: 1 = 1,000¤ ; 2 = 2,000¤ ; 3 = 4,000¤ ; 4 = 8,000¤ ; 5 = 16,000¤
Debt to the Bank 0 Loan is multiplied by 1.1 then divided into 60 monthly payments. If your are more than 3 months behind they take what they can get to replace the money lost in the loan. Legal.
Eidetic Memory 3 or 5 Double the amount of high level skills. At the 1st level general memory rolls are done a SL4. At the 2nd level (true “photographic memory”) memory rolls are done at SL5 and only for very old memories and all skill costs are treated as if they were one level lower.
Expert 3 You can raise one skill above level 3. May be taken more than once. Characters can only have half there Intellect in expert level skills unless they have Eidetic Memory.
Fame 1 – 5 Level 1 – your known around the city. Level 5 – you have trouble not being recognized on other planets. Used as a skill roll using Charisma.
Fear 2 Heights, aliens, etc. Roll a Fright Check at TN × 2.
Grace 1 You have beautiful movement. +1 when trying to impress people with movement.
Immortal 5 or 10 (10) You cannot be “slain”. But you can still be put out of commission by a resourceful Character…
(5) You can be killed by some specific means, I.e. Must have your head cut off, heart cut out, etc. Fire and other forms of Aggravated Damage always work as well.
Justifier 0 As a Justifier your character starts out with a certain amount of money you determine, given to you by a particular entity. The entity that gave you the money OWNS you until you work it off. Legal.
5,000,000¤ + your “Starting Funds” = the Payback Cost for your Justifier.
Mark of the Beast 0 1 point for each Power (from Gifts) allotted. Limitation: Frenzy.
Frenzy – on a power roll 5+ success and the character enters a rage until she kills someone!
Mentor 1 – 5 Person who teaches you (usually Magick). 1 to 5 for his rating as a teacher.
Phobia -5 Heights, aliens, etc. Roll a Fright Check at TN × 3.
Power 1 — 10 A special ability or trait beyond the norm. Powers that add a damage bonus cost the bonus × 2. All other bonuses are bonus × 1.
See examples bellow.
Power Finite -5 Must replenish reservoir (of Power Meter) or Frenzy at 0.
Resources 1 – 5 Credits you receive each month from job, trust, donation, etc.
1 – 500¤ ; 2 – 1,000¤ ; 3 – 1,500¤ ; 4 – 2,000¤ ; 5 – 2,500¤
Specialization 2 Gives a + 1 to your reroll on a specific skill.
Status 1 – 5 How much weight you carry in your society (Vampires, Magus, Celtic, Military, etc.)
Military Rank: 0 = Private, 1 = Sergeant, 2 = Lieutenant (Sergeant Major), 3 = Captain (Warrant Officer), 4 = Major, 5 = Commander
Supernatural 1 You are a supernatural creature (vampire, werewolf, etc.) and are capable of doing aggravated damage. And 1 thing does aggravated damage to your character that wouldn’t normally do so. Your choice – silver, UV radiation (sunlight), kryptonite, etc.
Toughness 3 All physical damage is -1.
Wealth 1 – 5 Credits you may spend during character creation to equip your character
1 – 10,000¤ ; 2 – 30,000¤ ; 3 – 100,000¤ ; 4 – 300,000¤ ; 5 – 1,000,000¤
Trait Combinations
Combo Cost Description
The Hand of the Black Dragon 5 The Hand of the Black Dragon is the King's Special Guard. One never leaves the King's Special Guard. Much like todays NSA, FBI, and Delta Force rolled up into one.
Rersources: 1,000¤, Wealth: 100,000¤ for equipment. And a Contact: Level 3 at The Hand of the Black Dragon.
“THE AGENCY” 5 The Agency owns you. In fact they've placed a small explosive device next to the cortex of your brain stem. In return you get -
Resources: 2,000¤ a month
Wealth: 100,000¤ for equipment
Contacts: A Level 3 Contact at The Agency.
You know 1 person at the Agency. The Agency started The Hand of The Black Dragon. The Agency runs the Government.
But most importantly “The Agency doesn't exist…“.
Category Group Power Cost Description
Health Regeneration Fast Healer 5 1 HP/minute
Health Regeneration Quick Regeneration 9 1 HP/3 turns
Health Regeneration Regeneration 8 1 HP/6 turns
Health Regeneration Slow Regeneration 7 1 HP/10 turns
Health Regeneration Super Fast Regeneration 10 1 HP/turn
Health Regeneration Very Slow Regeneration 6 1 HP/30 turns
Movement Flight Levitation 2 1 square per Action
Movement Flight Winged Flight 4 2 squares per Action
Movement Flight Wingless Flight 6 2 squares per Action
Movement Surfaces Climbing Claws 2 climbing + 2
Movement Surfaces Walk on Water 4 Can move upon the surface of water as if on dry land.
Movement Surfaces Wall Crawling 4 Can move along any solid surface as if on dry land.
Movement Teleportation Blink 10 Range = TN
Movement Teleportation Gate 8 Range = TN rolled each turn held open
Movement Teleportation Step Sideways 5 Step back and forth into a different realm or dimension. One realm or dimension per purchase.
Perception Aural SONAR 1 Can map your environment based on perceived sounds alone. Can be combined with subsonic and ultrasonic hear to map into those frequensies.
Perception Aural Sound Sensitive 1 Can perceive sounds much to subtle (quiet) to be heard by most humans.
Perception Aural Subsonic Hearing 1 Subsonic sounds can be perceived. Such as the earth’s plates moving.
Perception Aural Ultrasonic Hearing 1 Dogs got nothing on you. Can easily hear sound frequensies higher than normal human perception.
Perception ESP Astral Projection 1 – 5 Astral Projection or Remote Viewing allows the character to project their consciousness to a remote location and experience it as if they were their in actuality. Cost equals the desired Skill Level.
Perception ESP Channeling 1 – 5 A Channeler can allow their person to become a channel through which other worldly beings may communicate with this world to deliver information or healing energy. Cost equals the desired Skill Level.
Perception ESP Clairaudience 1 – 5 A Clairaudient can gain aural (sound) information about a person, place, or thing without being present. Cost equals the desired Skill Level.
Perception ESP Claircognizance 1 – 5 A Claircognizant can gain sudden knowledge without prior experience of it. Cost equals the desired Skill Level.
Perception ESP Clairgustance 1 – 5 A Clairgustant (sp?) can gain oral (taste) information about things. To taste the essence or true nature of a thing without use of the mouth.
Perception ESP Clairofactus 1 – 5 A Clairofactunt (sp?) can gain olfactory (smell) information about the energies or state of a person, place, or thing. Such as their health, mineral needs, structural integrity, etc. Cost equals the desired Skill Level.
Perception ESP Clairsentience 1 – 5 A Clairsentient or Empath can gain tactile (touch) and emotional information about a person, place, or thing without the use of the normal 5 senses. Cost equals the desired Skill Level.
Perception ESP Clairvoyance 1 – 5 A clairvoyant can gain visual (sight) information about a person, place, or thing without being present. Cost equals the desired Skill Level.
Perception ESP Lidar 2 Can project and map your environment based on LASER (directed light) signals.
Perception ESP Mind Reading 1 – 5 The ability to invade anothers thoughts. TN = Range + Power (of target).
Range: touch = 0, near = +1, LOS = +2, obstructed LOS = +2, beyond LOS = 4, another state = 5, another continent = 6, another planet = 7, another galaxy = 8, another dimension = 9
Perception ESP Precognition 1 – 5 Prescience allows the user to gain knowledge of the future. TN = distance into the future.
Future: days = 1, 1 week Cost equals the desired Skill Level.
Perception ESP RADAR 3 Can project and map your environment based on radio signals.
Perception ESP Telepathy 1 – 5 The ability to communicate with others via the mind alone. This is not mind reading. Your character can only receive messages sent by others volentarily. Cost equals the desired Skill Level.
Perception Visual Infravision (Infrared Lit) 2 Can see into the infrared spectrum and detect things illuminated by an infrared light. B&W imaging. Vision blocked by glass and anything else that can absort or reflect heat or infrared light.
Perception Visual Thermalvision (true Infravision) 3 Can perceive things by the heat given off by them. Can see in the dark and through smoke without visible light.
Max range around 400m. Vision blocked by glass and anything else that can absort or reflect heat or infrared light.
Perception Visual Ultravision 2 Can see into the ultraviolet spectrum. Can see in the dark without visible light and distinguish things otherwise hidden by color matching. Vision blocked by zinc oxide and anything else that can absort or reflect ultraviolet light.
Weapons Energy Breath Fire 8 DMG: 5, RNG: 9
Weapons Energy Energy Blast 8 DMG: 3, RNG: 15
Weapons Natural Fangs 4 DMG: B+2
Weapons Natural Fighting Claws 2 DMG: B+1

These are just examples of how to do Powers. You can modify them as you see fit.

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