Magick Spheres


Matter: The sphere of Matter deals with things of substance & Life. Animate or inanimate. If you wish to heal or transform something with mass, use this sphere.

Inner Spheres – Transform, Transmute, Health
Titles – Healer, Alchemist, Animist.
Special – Duration: Permanent.

Flow: The sphere of Flow deals with all aspects of space & time. Particularly the movement through. If you wish to teleport, fly or time travel, use this sphere.

Inner Spheres – Time , Space
Titles – Time Keeper, Gate Master

Mind: The sphere of Mind deals with all aspects of the mental faculties. Either dealing w/perception, communication or sentience. If you wish to perceive beyond your senses or imbue something w/an intelligence of some sort, use this sphere.

Inner Spheres – Sense (Enhance, ESP, etc.), Communication (Empathy, Telepathy, etc.), Control (Animals, Illusion, Possession, Telekinesis, etc.).
Titles – Illusionist, Mentalist, Psionosist.

Energy: The sphere of Energy deals with all states of energy. Either electromagnetic, gravatic, nuclear or kinetic. If you wish to send fireballs down Main St. or control the (kinetic) movement of an object this is the sphere for you.

Inner Spheres – Electromagnetism, Gravity, Kinetic, Thermo-dynamic.
Titles – Fire Mage, Sorcerer.

Prime: The sphere of Prime deals with Mana/Spirit (The Force). If you wish to create something in another sphere (out of nothing) or you wish to deal with the Spirit Realm use this sphere.

Inner Spheres – Animate, Mana, Spirit.
Titles – Enchanter, Elementalist, Shaman, Necromancer.


Loop (w/in a spell)
Node (an NPC)
Area effect spells effect ALL in that area.
Area = Hex radius x 3.


  1. The Spell.
  2. Power Source – Charges (Stored Mana), Channeled Mana, Bound Spirit.
  3. Objects Size.