Character Skills

Next we have your characters Skills and Skill Groups. There are five Skill Groups, Athletic Skills, Combat Skills, Logic Skills, Intra-Personal, Knowledge Skills, Language Skills, Magic Skills, Music Skills, Naturalist Skills, Science Skills, Social Skills, and Spatial Skills. Skills are rated from 1 to 5. Skills cost is 1 CP for each Skill Level during Character Creation. You may also buy Specializations. And in fact must for any Skill rated higher than a 3. Specializations cost 2 points each. Multiple Specializations may be bought for each Skill. No Skill may be higher than a 3 unless there is at least 1 Specialization. But even after that a starting character may not have a Skill higher than a 4. During character creation all skill groups should be written down. If not using a Racial Template the starting value of a given skill group is 2. Then you may move points between Skill Groups. If using a Racial Template then you may assign 5 additional points between any of the Skill Groups. No Skill Group may be lower than a 1 or higher than a 4.

Note: There is a physical limit to the number of high level skills you have based on your Intellect. Your character may only have as many Level 5 Skills as half your Intellect rounded up. Your character may have as many Level 4 Skills as your Intellect. You may also only have as many Specializations as double your characters Intellect.

Example: If your characters Intellect is 4 then he may have 2 Skills at Level 5, 4 Skills at Level 4 & 8 Specializations.

Athletic Skills
Primary Skill (Attribute normally used most Specializations) : Specialization List (Attribute normally used with the specific Specialization)
Explanation of Secondary Skills (Specializations)
Athletics (R) : (B) Arm Wrestling, (R) Balance, (R) Climb, (R) Jump, (R) Ski, etc.
This skill is also used as your general fitness rating. And it's level determines how many rounds you can go before incuring fatigue during an arduous task.
Dance (R) : Ballroom, Exotic, Jazz, Latin, Modern, Polynesian, Tribal, etc.
Fortitude (P) : Distance Running, Swimming, etc.
Gymnastics (R) : Acrobatics, Tumbling, Vaulting, etc.
Skills requiring significant strength, balance, coordination, flexibility, and timing.
Combat Skills
Primary Skill (Attribute normally used most Specializations) : Specialization List (Attribute normally used with the specific Specialization)
Explanation of Secondary Skills (Specializations)
Combat (R) : Hand to Hand, Knives and Clubs, etc. (I) Combat Strategy
Demolitions (I) : Boobytraps, Granades, Pipebombs, Shapetc.
Gunnery (R) : Cannon, Howitzer, Missile Platforms, Vehicle Mounted Weapons, etc.
Martial Arts (R) : Break, Dim Mak, Lock, Stun, Throw, etc.
Melee (B) : Blades, Bludgeons, Flails, Polearms, Shields, Staves, Unarmed, (R) Quickdraw, etc.
Blades - used when dealing with "balanced weapons" (Bastard, Longsword, etc.), Bludgeons - used when dealing w/"unbalanced weapons" (Club, Mace, Morningstar, etc.), Flails - used with weapons that are comprised of more than one solid piece connected by a line of some type (Ball & Chain, Footman's Flail, Nunchackas, Star & Chain), Polearms - used when dealing w/staffed weapons (Glaive, Halberd, Lucerne Hammer, Spear, etc.), Staves (Bo Staff, Jo Stick, Quarterstaff), Quickdraw - used when trying to ready a weapon fast (Blades, Bludgeons, etc.)
Missile (R) : Crossbow, Hand Crossbow, Short Bow, Slingshot, Long Bow, War Dart, etc.
Small Arms (R) : Assault Rifle, Handguns, Rifles, Shotguns, SMG, Quickdraw, etc.
Weapons are available to specializations based on Tech Level. A TL: 3 character could use the Handgun specialization with flintlock era type handguns. The Rifles specialization with muskettes. And the Shotguns specialization with the blunderbuss. Modern small arms using cased ammo could be worked and fired but not benefit from any specializations. And modern weapons such as Assault Rifles and SMGs are simply beyond their understanding and their use would result in a TN +1.
Thrown (R) : darts, daggers, rocks, spears, etc.
Logic Skills
Primary Skill (Attribute normally used most Specializations) : Specialization/Title List (Attribute normally used with the specific Specialization/Notes)
Explanation of Secondary Skills (Specializations)
Blacksmith (B) : Anvilsmith (anvils and hammers), Armorer (armor and weapons), Bladesmith (knives and swords), Brightsmith (brass, copper, and tin), Cartwright/Wainwright/Wheelwright (cart wheels) Coppersmith (cookware, jewelry, utensils, etc. made from copper), Gunsmith (firearms), Shipsmith (ship parts), Tinker/Tinman/Tinsmith (tin), Toolsmith (tools), Vulcan (worked iron using a furnace, anvil, and hammer), etc.
Skill in working with (typically) iron and steal. Metals of Antiquity: gold, copper, silver, lead, tin, iron, and mercury.
Business (I) : Appraisal, Negotiate (C), etc.
General skills used in business.
Computers (I) : Operation, Programming, Security, Tech (hardware), etc.
Operation (Command Line, GUI, Voice, VR), Programming (Games, Utilities, Viruses, etc.), Security (Command Line, GUI, Voice, VR), Tech (Deck, PC, Workstation, Mainframe)
Droids (I) : Operation, Programming, Tech
Ability to build and maintain droids.
Engineering (I) : Aeronautical, Architectural, Automobile, Naval, Structural (bridges, etc.)
Skill in creating and destroying structures and transportation
Enigmas (I) : Mechanical, Riddles, Spatial, Visual, etc.
Puzzle solving skills
Law (I) : Civil, Criminal, Interplanetary, Military
The understand and execution of the principles of law.
Mechanic (I) : Aeronautical, Automobile, Naval, etc.
Skill in repairing and maintaining machines based on tech level.
Security (I) : (R) Escape, (R) Lockpick, Locks, Traps, etc.
Understand, creation, and subversion of security systems.
Tech (I) : ____, ____, etc.
General technical understanding.
Intra-Personal Skills
Primary Skill (Attribute normally used most Specializations) : Specialization List (Attribute normally used with the specific Specialization)
Explanation of Secondary Skills (Specializations)
Luck (P) : Gambling, Board Games, Cards, Drawings, etc.
Luck is used in situations involving chance. Such as walking through a minefield or attempting to us a handgun w/out the Small Arms Skill. When using Luck in place of a Skill always double the TN.
Will Power (P) : Courage, Self-Control, etc.
Courage is used vs. Fright Checks and such. Self-Control is used vs. Fatigue and Disadvantages such as Alcoholism. (This is not to suggest that managing any addiction is just a matter of self control.)
Knowledge Skills
Primary Skill (Attribute normally used most Specializations) : Specialization List (Attribute normally used with the specific Specialization)
Explanation of Secondary Skills (Specializations)
Domestic (R) : Cooking, Embroidery, Needle Point, Sewing, etc.
Drive (R) : Cars, Motorcycles, Trucks (not pickups), etc.
Ability to maneuver simple vehicles.
Investigation (I) : Process, Research, etc.
Skill in research information and collect personal data.
Knowledge (I) : Area (Local), Geography, History, Occult, etc.
Area (Los Angeles, Paris, Quebec, Saudi Arabia, etc.), History (African, American, Turkish, etc.)
Pilot (R) : Aerospace, Mech, Vehicle, Vessel, etc.
Aerospace (Aerospace Fighter, Airliner, Airship [dirigible or zeppelin], Helicopter, Jet Pack, Prop Plane, Spacecraft, Warship), Mech (Power Armor, Light, Medium, Heavy, Assault), Vehicle (Hover [repulsorlift], Tracked, Wheeled), Vessel (Small Boat, Light [Jet ski], Medium [Frigate], Heavy [Destroyer], Assault [Battleship, Carrier])
Train (R) : Combat, Computers, Engineering, Investigation, etc.
Individual base skill.
Language Skills
Primary Skill (Attribute normally used most Specializations) : Specialization/Language Family List (Attribute normally used with the specific Specialization/Language)
Explanation of Secondary Skills (Specializations)
Asian Based Languages (I) : Japanese, Mandarin, etc.
Austronesian Languages (I) : Ami, Bunun, Kavalanic, Northern Formosan, Paiwanic, uyuma, Siraya, Tagalog, Tsou–Rukai, etc.
Austronesian is a language family that is widely dispersed throughout Maritime Southeast Asia, Madagascar and the islands of the Pacific Ocean, with a few members on continental Asia. Please see Austronesian languages - Wikipedia
Communications (I) : Cryptography, Electronic, Hyper-Pulse, Laser, Signaling, etc.
Skill in the use of advanced communications systems.
Celtic Based Languages (I) : Cornish, Irish, Manx, Scottish, Welsh, etc.
Germanic Based Languages (I) : English, German, etc.
Indian Languages (I) : Indo-Aryan (Hindi, Punjabi, etc.), Dravidian (Tamil, Telugu, Kannada, and Malayalam), Austroasiatic (Khasi and Munda languages, including Santhali), Sino-Tibetan (Karbi, Meitei, Lepcha, etc.), Tai-Kadai (Ahom, Kamarupi, etc.), Great Andamanese (Great Andamanese family [many endangered and extinct languages] and Ongan family [Önge, Jarawa, and Jangil])
This is of course refering to the languages of India. Not the incorrectly called Native Americans from when Columbus thought he had landed in India.
Latin Based Languages (I) : French, Italian, Spanish, etc.
Lip Reading (I) : Human, Roin, etc.
Skill in the interpritation of spoken words without the benefit of sound. Specializations are based on similar oral structure between species.
Native American Languages (R) : Na-Dené (Apache, Ahtna, Dena’ina, Hän, Navajo, Tlingit, etc.), Algic (Cree, Ojibwe, etc.), Uto-Aztecan (…), etc.
Please see Indigenous languages of the Americas - Wikipedia to choose one of the appropriate 29 language families, or one of the 27 isolates or unclassified languages to specialize in.
Sign Language (I) : American, French, International, US Armed Forces, SpecOps, etc.
The ability to communicated only with the hands and without the benefit of speach.
Magic Skills
Primary Skill (Attribute normally used most Specializations) : Specialization List
Explanation of Secondary Skills (Specializations)
Matter (P) : Alchemy, Transform, Transmute, etc.
Flow (P) : Time, Space, etc.
Mind (P) : Sense (Enhance, ESP, etc.), Communication (Empathy, Telepathy, etc.), Control (Animals, Illusion, Possession, Telekinesis, etc.)
Energy (P) : Electromagnetism, Gravity, Kinetic, Thermo-dynamic, etc.
Prime (P) : Animate, Mana, Spirit, etc.
Music Skills
Primary Skill Specialization List
Brass Instruments (C) : Flugelhorn, Trombone, Trumpet, etc.
Percussion Instruments (C) : Bass Drum, Drum Set, Timpani, etc.
Reed Instruments (C) : Flute, Sax, etc.
Stringed Instruments (C) : Guitar, Violin, Viola, etc.
Vocal Instruments (C) : Jazz, Rap, Rock, Opera, etc.
Naturalist Skills
Primary Skill (Attribute normally used most Specializations) : Specialization List (Attribute normally used with the specific Specialization)
Explanation of Secondary Skills (Specializations)
Animal Ken (C) : Pack (I), Ride, Train, etc.
Used when dealing with animals. Pack is used to load up an animal without maiming it. Ride is used when attempting to use an animal as a mount. Train is used when teaching an animal tricks.
Medicine (I) : BioTech, Diagnosis, Drugs, Herbalism, Veterinary, etc.
Seamanship (I) : Captain, Pilot, Rig, etc.
Familiarity with the piloting and maintenance of boats.
Survival (I) : Desert, Forest, Mountain, Sea, Space, Wetland, etc.
The ability to find food, water, and shelter in undeveloped environments. Also in navigating (pathfinding) those areas.
Science Skills
Primary Skill Specialization List
Chemistry (I) : Biochemistry, Industrial Chemistry, etc.
Genetics (I) : Animal, Floral, Humanoid, Xeno, etc.
Life Science (I) : Biology, Botany, Ecology, Genetics, Physiology, Zoology, etc.
Psychology (I) : Criminology, Hypnosis, Pathology, Sociology, etc.
Physics (I) : Mechanical, Nuclear, Temporal, etc.
Radiology (I) : Gamma, Microwave, Theta, etc.
Social Skills
Primary Skill Description or Specialization List
Carousing (C) : Ability to party and insight camaraderie in a crowd.
Diplomacy (C) : Social skill in political arenas.
Etiquette (C) : Skill in social situations.
FastTalk (C) : The skill of persuasive conversation.
Interrogation (P) : Ability to extract information from an unwilling subject.
Leadership (C) : Ability to insight loyalty and manage a team.
Performance (C) : Acting, Disguise (makeup), etc.
Streetwise (C) : Street knowledge and etiquette
Spatial Skills
Primary Skill Description or Specialization List
Awareness (I) : Perception, Search, Track, etc.
Craft (C) : Artistic ability in making items.
Expression (C) : Art, Calligraphy, Forgery, Prose, Sculpting, Writing, etc.
Legerdemain (R) : Juggling, Pickpocket, Trickery, etc.
Stealth (I) : Stalk, Hide, Evade, etc.